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Sarah Anouar, © Marie-Christine Romani

I am Sarah Anouar, founder of L’Eclectique Magazine, author of the novel « Subjuguer me fascine », journalist – writer,  international life & empowerment coach.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been very curious with the willingness to understand what is happening around me. To explore my potential talents, I have developed many passions: writing, books, communication, creation, culture, travel, lifestyle, personal development, entrepreneurship and spirituality to name but a few. After several attempts to concentrate on a single domain and professional experiences abroad, I left the financial security which a manager job provided me to try and become a freelance journalist while doing other temporary jobs to ensure a daily income. Three years ago, the loss of a loved one raised my awareness of the fragility of life and the sense that I could give my life by offering myself the means to achieve my dreams and assert my personality.

I think that we have within us the power to transform our lives by being authentic, determined, and by becoming aware that our development depends first of all on our sense of responsibility and a strong self-confidence.

I realized that not conventionally defining myself under one label was my strength and not my weakness. To overcome this ordeal, I instinctively decided to create L’Eclectique, which not only allowed me to link all my passions together but above all to become an entrepreneur following my heart. This is how I made a play on words to create the term He(art) entrepreneur*: art comes from the heart and it is this energy that gave me the strength to start, to undertake, to persist; This energy feeds my soul every day. In the course of my meetings, I realized that I wanted to go further by helping other persons to be successful. Today, I also dedicate myself to encourage and empower you to reveal your gifts, create the change you want to be and live a life you love. I  have started with the coaching program « WOMEN ST(ART) » then I have created « Move On » for women and men. I truly believe that you also have the power to change your life. Everything starts with you and your state of mind!