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Just be yourself. Make a positive impact in your life.


Dear Readers,

Your curiosity and your desire to move on has led you to this page, and I will be delighted to help you write a new chapter of your life being fulfilled and being who you really are. Sometimes we go through life’s experiences and events that invite us to redefine our priorities, the direction of our life so that we can grow and evolve.

Starting to take action is the most difficult step because it is one that requires you to overcome your fears and your perceived mental resistance. The more an action is important for the evolution of our soul and our personal development, the more we feel resistance to taking it. My mission is to bring value to your life by giving you tools and inspiration you can use to improve your life. I have created Move On to encourage people feeling stuck to take back their power and move on, so they can feel happy and optimistic again.

Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal person we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it. We come into life with a specific purpose, a calling to enact so we can be happy. 

If you want to take a new start, to live a meaningful life for you, to explore your creativity, to overcome a difficult event of your life and/or work on your personal development, I can be your coach, your guide. I will help you to discover your purpose and what really matters for you so you can create a plan to make real your desire to change your life. I will also help you to remove your blocks and identify your fears so you can move on and create a life you love. I can also help you to move on with an art project.

Stop watching others achieve their dreams and make your vision a reality. Be the change you want to see around you & make a difference with your life.

My life coach mentors are Mastin Kipp, Shannon Kaiser and Marianne Williamson. I am committed to bringing you the best of what I live and learn, and to keep it authentic as we dive into the adventure of life together. I am a creative and very curious woman who craves new experiences. I have a He(art) entrepreneur state of mind, and I share openly about my creative process from my heart. I also share my love for life and optimism into all of my messages.

Wherever you are, we can work together during an individual session of 1h30min by Skype video or by phone. The price of the session is 60 €uros. I offer you a free pre-session of 30 minutes for our initial contact after payment of your session on my paypal page. 

From June 28th to July 31st 2017,  the price of the coaching session (1h30min) is 45 € instead of 60 €. The 3 first persons to register for a coaching session before July 5th 2017 will be offered a second free session.

For more informations or to schedule your coaching session, contact me using the contact form below or send me an email:





What some people who have work with Sarah say:

FullSizeRenderSarah has encouraged  me a lot to do what I love to be fulfilled. She has helped me to shift my mindset to perceive failure like a new opportunity to start all over again to be sucessful. Sarah makes herself easily accessible. She has been an excellent coach, a great source of inspiration.  – Meggan M. Paris, France.




With her life coaching, Sarah shows you how to simplify your lifestyle to lead a simple balanced life doing what you deeply wish to achieve. Since she has a great passion for creativity and art, she is able to help you being creative and happier in all your actions. Sarah makes it possible for you to truly believe in your own capabilities providing endless amounts of encouragement. She helps you to find a feeling of harmony and peace.  – Elyes Ben Hamouda. Sousse, Tunisie